Speaking Opportunities at the Summit

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We've been hosting data conferences in Texas since 2011. One of the hallmarks is the Speakers' Party in the Presidential Suite -- with our well curated liquor inventory. We'll even serve you breakfast in the morning so you'll make your talk in time.

Please note that, in order to simplify the submissions process, and ensure quality of content, we only work directly with speakers. We do not respond to proposals, or queries about proposals, submitted via recruiters, HR depts, marketing, bizdev, PR departments, or product managers. We do not have sponsored talks. If you are interested in promoting your company at The Texas AI Summit, please consider joining us as a sponsor.

Guidelines for Proposals

The Texas AI Summit seeks AI-related talks on topics such as:
AI in the Enterprise
AI-based Analytics
Deep Learning
Human/Customer-Centered AI
Intelligent Assistants / Chatbots
Intelligent Applications
Machine Learning
Neural Networks
Human in the Loop

We request that submissions be for new presentations/content, specifically, not already presented in Texas or available on the web.

If you would like to present on one of topics listed below, we encourage you to instead submit a proposal to Data Day Texas, which will be held the day after The Texas AI Summit.
Data Science, Data Engineering and Architecture, Data in the Cloud, Data Pipelines, Data Visualization / UX, Apache Kafka, Streaming / Realtime Data, Unstructured Data, Apache Spark, Graph Data and Frameworks, Natural Language Processing, Data Governance

Talks are 40 minutes including Q&A. Mini-workshops / Deep Dives are 90 minutes. For 90 minute Deep Dives, we have classrooms available.

Proposals should include:
1) Proposed title
2) Talk outline and conclusion
3) Intended audience
4) Technical skills and concepts required
5) Speaker biography
6) links to previous talks/videos (required)

Send all proposals and queries to proposals@globaldatageeks.org.

Unlike late January in other parts of the US, the weather in Austin is pretty nice, and the patio of the presidential suite is larger than most San Francisco condos -- perfect for the Speakers' Lounge.

Testimonials from past speakers

"Lynn put on an event that went beyond my expectations -- he's one of the most experienced event organizers I've worked with and knows how to get a great group of people (speakers, coordinators, vendors, and attendees) together. It was a pleasure to meet so many supporters of my work, gain some new ones while I was there, and speak with industry experts from across the country. The conference had about 600 attendees, but it felt much smaller than that (in a good way!). Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly, even by Seattle standards! Definitely not a conference where you're sitting around awkwardly looking for someone to converse with." - Ryan Mitchell, author of Web Scraping with Python.

"The DataDay conferences really treat speakers well. As a side benefit, they also attract all the best speakers so that dinners after and the speaker party have all kinds of interesting people to talk to. I definitely make time in my calendar to go if at all possible. One particularly refreshing aspect is that the Data Day conferences are vendor neutral which makes for a lot less "we own this conference and will say anything we want". - Ted Dunning, Chief Application Architect at MapR, and author of many books.

"Data Day is a resounding success to me. In an easy to approach way I learned more about cutting edge tools and from other smart data driven people. As a speaker I had a great time giving a talk to a highly engaged and smart audience. Highly recommend" - Matthew Kirk, author of Thoughtful Machine Learning and Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python.

"Participating in the first Data Day Seattle was an amazing time. This isn't a fluffy event with light talks. The speaker roster is deep and the participants are highly engaged as a result. Lynn and team do a wonderful job of providing a first class speaker experience and bring the crowds. This is going to be on my "must attend" list for sure. The only down side? There were talks I wanted to see scheduled at the same time as mine!" - Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra, DataStax.

"I've never been to a data conference with so many people looking for work: a great conference if you're recruiting top data scientists and engineers! Thanks for a great conference - I'll try that bourbon next time!" - Rob Munro, Founder/CEO, Idibon.

Come join us. Send us a proposal at proposals@globaldatageeks.org.

We want you to enjoy your stay in Austin. Did we mention party in the presidential suite?