Finally - A Texas AI Conference

Don't plan on leaving early. Martin Fowler (Refactoring) will be speaking at 7PM!

Each successive year at the Data Day Texas conference, we have gotten an increasing number of requests for more AI presentations and workshops - not high level pitches, but real-world use cases and deep dives. Given that the last Data Day Texas had over 80 presentations, and the next will likely have the same number, it didn't seem practical to try to cram more content into a single day.

Although many have suggested it, we've resisted calls to make Data Day a multi-day event. Tickets for two-day event would cost almost twice as much -- and we want to keep Data Day affordable. Consequently, we decided create a new event dedicated solely to Artificial Intelligence - The Texas AI Summit - to be held on the day before Data Day Texas. This allows folks the opportunity to attend Data Day, or The Texas AI Summit -- or both. By hosting the two events back to back, we make it possible for all of our out of town visitors to attend both.

Lukas Biewald, Co-Founder of AI startup Figure Eight, speaking at Data Day Texas 2018.

What will be covered at the Summit?

As mentioned above, the focus at The Texas AI Summit is real-world use cases, deep dives, models and methods. These are some of the topics to be covered: AI in the Enterprise, AI-based Analytics, Deep Learning, Human/Customer-Centered AI, Intelligent Assistants / Chatbots, Intelligent Applications, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Human in the Loop. Given the natural overlap, some of these topics will also be found at Data Day.

Kris Hammond, Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University and Chief Scientist at Narrative Science, will be one of the featured speakers at The Texas AI Summit.