The Texas AI Summit Schedule

We have a few speakers changing their travel itinerary and still confirming. We'll add their sessions to the schedule as we have their confirmations.

8:00 am

Registration and Morning Coffee (Third Floor Pre-Function Area)

9:00 am

Kristian Hammond (Narrative Science) : Data Driven Natural Language Generation: Linking Humans to the Machine with the Power of Narrative 3rd Floor - Salon C

10:00 am

Ayin Vala (Foundation for Precision Medicine) : Predicting Alzheimer’s: Generating neural networks to detect the neurodegenerative disease- 3rd Floor - Salon C

10:50 am

Alex Dimakis (University of Texas at Austin) : Deep Generative Models and Inverse Problems.
- 3rd Floor - Salon C
Jonathan Mugan (Deep Grammar) : Practical Methods for Overcoming the Machine Learning Data Bottleneck (90 minute session) - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E

11:40 am

Graham Ganssle (Expero) : Interpretability of ML Systems: Can Physical Models Learn from Deep Learning?- 3rd Floor - Salon C
TBA - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E

12:20 am

Buffett Lunch Served in the Tejas Room (2nd floor)


Ethan Rosenthal (Rosenthal Data, LLC) : Empowering the Humans in the Loop by Synthesizing Machine Learning and Optimization- 3rd Floor - Salon C
KC Tung (Microsoft) : A novel adoption of LSTM in customer touchpoint prediction problems- 3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Graham Ganssle (Expero) : Using Deep Learning to Measure Objects in 3DImages- 3rd Floor - Salon C
TBA - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Weifeng Zhong (American Enterprise Institute) : Reading China: Predicting Policy Change with Machine Learning- 3rd Floor - Salon C
Dr. Cheryl Martin (Alegion) : Addressing Training Data Bias in Machine Learning- 3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Afternoon Break
Open Bar and Espresso - Tejas Room (2nd floor)
Open Bar - 3rd Floor Lounge


Chris Thomas (Darktrace) : AI-based Autonomous Response: Are Humans Ready?- 3rd Floor - Salon C
Paul Azunre / Numa Dhamani (New Knowledge) : Character-Level Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Classification- 3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Chris Sachs (SWIM.AI) : Edge intelligence: Machine learning at the enterprise edge- 3rd Floor - Salon C
Mayank Kejriwal (USC Information Sciences Institute) : Fighting human trafficking with AI- 3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Reception for Martin Fowler of Thoughtworks


Martin Fowler!